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Understanding cladding systems

Watch our video below to find out what we mean by “cladding systems”, why we’ve seen so much about it in the press and why cladding is such an important topic for UK lenders.

Alternatively, take a look at this Cladding Q&A published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
Scroll down to see a list of the cladding and EWS1 questions covered by this article.

RICS’ cladding FAQ

Take a look at the cladding FAQ on the RICS website HERE.

The cladding questions include:

RICS Cladding Q&A - 700px
  • What is an External Wall System?
  • What is the EWS process/form?
  • Does each flat/apartment have to get an individual EWS form for selling, buying or remortgaging?
  • How does the EWS form factor into the buying, selling or remortgaging of a flat/apartment?
  • If the building owner has not proactively tested the external wall materials, what does the seller need to do?
  • Can the buyer or seller initiate the EWS process if the building owner has not?
  • If the building owner will not undertake the required assessment, what can the owner/lender/valuer do?
  • Who carries out the EWS assessment, what is their expertise and how many experts are there?
  • How will the assessment be carried out?
  • Why is an EWS assessment required every 5 years?
  • What happens if the EWS assessment identifies that remedial works are required?
  • Does the EWS assessment cover general fire safety measures?
  • Does a nil valuation mean a flat is worthless?